Ann Spends Christmas with Special Supporters

After a relaxed Christmas Eve with her family, friends and members of the Miss Supranational Organization for a Danish-Thai celebration, Miss Supranational reserved the evening of Christmas for some very special supporters. A celebration in Anntonia’s honor was held at the Nanda Heritage Hotel where some of her biggest supporters came together to wish their very first Miss Supranational well.

It was an evening filled with laughter, happy faces and speeches as some of the people who played a big part in her journey came together. There were lots of gifts and flowers, selfies and overall jubilant atmosphere. When Anntonia made her appearance with her Miss Supranational sash and crown, the screams were deafening.

Ann used the opportunity to thank all her biggest supporters for offering their love, confidence and unconditional support during her Supra journey. After all the speeches, our queen greeted each person personally. “What an amazing Christmas celebration. It’s one I will never forget,” she said of this special night.