The new Miss Supranational 2017 – Jenny Kim

On Friday 1st December 2017, Jenny Kim, a 24 year old Korean English Studies Student from Seoul, become the new Miss Supranational during the Final Gala, which took place in Krynica Zdrój.

Although originating from Korea, Jenny spent the first 18 years of her life in Indonesia. She attended international school, speaks three languages fluently and therefore should have no problem in fulfilling her Miss Supranational duties around the world. At College she majors in Literature and English.

Jenny had not expected to win, in fact Korean representatives have never won any major international beauty pageant. When the presenters read out the winner’s name, she was convinced that Miss Colombia would be the winner. For Jenny, the immediate worldwide press and social media interest in her win has been something new for her, as she was featured as the number one most popular trending search keywords in Korea, with news of about her win on all the news wires.

The prize for Miss Supranational 2017 is $ 30,000. Kim would like to use it to help children. She knows that this is not enough, but every penny counts. – If I had a million dollars, the help could be big. 30,000 means a small part of it, but every penny can help – Jenny smiles.

Miss Supranational 2017 – Jenny Kim (Korea)

I vice Miss Suprantional 2017 – Tica Martniez (Colombia)

II vice Miss Supranational 2017 – Bianca Tirsin (Romania)

III vice Miss Supranational 2017 – Bitaniya Yosef (Ethiopia)

IV vice Miss Supranational 2017 – Larissa Santiago (Puerto Rico)