Announcing Supra Chat with Valeria Vazquez

Adding to the excitement of the fans, Miss Supranational organization today announced a special addition to the competition – Supra chat with Valeria Vazquez, where fans will get a chance to know more about their favourite contestants and also help them in advancing in the competition.

This year 4 girls will advance to the top 25 as winners of the Supra Chat With Valeria segment of our competition. The contestants have been divided into 12 groups. After each chat, the voting for that chat will go live on the Miss Supranational app for 24 hours. The winners of Chats 1- 6 plus two wildcards (selected by the production team) will go to Semi-final 1. The winners of chats 7-12 (selected by the production team) plus two wildcards will advance to semi-final 2.

Semi-final 2: Chat 7-12 winners plus the two wild cards will answer 3 questions selected by a moderator. They will hear the questions for the first time when Valeria asks them. A panel of 5 judges and the Supra fans as the 6th judge will then choose the top 2 from that round. They will automatically advance to the top 25.

*Important notice: To ensure fairness, a formula will be used by our Choicely team that determines the results based on the number of votes the contestants received divided by the population of that country/territory as a percentage.

Take a look at the 12 groups for the live chat and don’t forget to download Miss Supranational app.