Arriving in Indonesia – A Dream Come True!

Following my two week trip to Thailand, it was time to head to another country, which I have been wanting to visit for the longest time – Indonesia! One of the places on my bucket list is Bali because I admire how they promote eco tourism and although I was not going to visit the island this time, I couldn’t wait to get to Indonesia because I have received so much love and support from the Indonesian Pageant Lovers. They are just incredible.

Thai Airways flew me to Jakarta and what an experience this was! Their business class is truly an experience and from the moment I arrived at the airport until I left in Indonesia, they took the best care of me. They really made me feel like a queen. THANK YOU, THAI AIRWAYS! It was probably the best air travel experience I have ever had!

Waiting at the airport was my Supra sister, Wilda. I was so happy to see her and we headed off to a nice lunch to catch up. Seeing Wilda made me even more excited to be in Indonesia. Her energy is infectious and she is just such a beautiful and positive person to be around. A true queen!

After lunch, I headed over to KLY for some interviews. I had so much fun doing them. Two of them were more serious as they asked me about my work as Miss Supranational and then there was one segment, which was more like a game. People in Indonesia are so warm and friendly, so I was just so happy to be there.

That evening, our president, Mister Gerhard, Andre and I had dinner with Mister Mega from the Puteri Indonesia Organization and we were joined by two very special ladies, Chairwoman Ibu Putri Kus Wisnu Wardani and the Head of the Organization, Ibu Kusumadewi Sutanto. It was a real honor for me to have dinner with them and learn more about the work they do to empower women in Indonesia. I felt truly humbled to learn about all that they have achieved and I hope that I can also build a legacy to be proud of. We ended the day with a sneak peak at rehearsals for the big night!