Miss Supranational Launches The Sijwa Dress

The Miss Supranational Organization is proud to announce the launch of The Sijwa Dress, designed by Chanique Rabe. The initiative is part of Miss Supranational’s From the Ground Up CSI.

Miss Supranational Ireland Spread Christmas Cheer

Miss Supranational Ireland is extremely dedicated to creating safe homes for children all around the world. And this Christmas, she wanted to send out a powerful reminder.

Chani’s Christmas Gift to Sewing Class

Christmas is not just about receiving – it is mostly about giving. And our Miss Supranational did just that.

Thank you African Monarch Lodges!

A huge thank you to African Monarch Lodges for showing us the beauty of Namibia and that it is possible to experience it without destroying the environment!

Miss Supranational Visits Sijwa Project

The Miss Supranational team visited our 2021 winner, Chanique Rabe’s Junior Sewing School at the Sijwa Project.

Miss Supranational Team Arrives in Northeastern Zambezi Region

The Miss Supranational Team has arrived in Namibia’s Northeastern Zambezi Region to visit Chanique’s Junior Sewing School.

Learn more about Chani’s ‘From the Ground Up’ Community Service Initiative

Learn more about the work that our reigning Miss Supranational does to give back to her community.

Miss Supranational Visits Hope Village in Windhoek

Miss Supranational visited a place very close to her heart – the Hope Village Orphanage in Windhoek.

Miss Supranational Team Arrives in Namibia for Victory Tour

Miss Supranational, Chanique Rabe’s Victory Tour with members of the Miss Supranational Organization has started.

Pupkewitz BMW Gives Chani Car For a Year

An exciting surprised waited for our Miss Supranational when she was invited to Pupkewitz BMW.