Children’s Day in Korat

On January 10th, Ann traveled to her grandmother’s hometown, Korat, for a very special activity. Children’s Day (the second Saturday of January each year) is a very special day in Thailand when the country celebrates their most valuable resource. With it’s real name being Nakhon Ratchasima Province, it’s situated in the northeast of Thailand, approximately four hours from Bangkok by car. It is here where Ann’s mom grew up and her grandmother still loves.

Ann and her family often visit Korat to see her grandmother and they are also regular guests at the elementary school Ann’s mom, Nee, went to when she was young. Ann and her family donated water filters to the school prior to the Miss Supranational Competition and it is something that made a big difference in the lives of the kids there. This year, she returned to the school that wanted to celebrate her Miss Supranational title with her.

When Ann arrived, the excitement could be seen on everyone’s faces. She was welcomed by the Head Master of the school and at a very special assembly her win was celebrated. Ann had the opportunity to speak to the children and shared a special message with them: It does not matter where you come from, your goals can become a reality.

After she performed a song for children, it was time for an announcement. Ann donated sports equipment to the school, which they needed and never had before. Then it was time for the kids to enjoy a meal prepared prepared with love by some families in the village.

“I love coming to Korat because I get to see my granny and I have so many special memories here. For me the greatest gift of all is the gift of giving. No matter how small or how big the contribution is, it can be impactful in the lives of others. I hope during this year I can do it more often,” Ann said as her proud grandmother looked on.