Day 3 in Indonesia – A Magical Night

I woke up feeling super excited as it was the big day we had all been waiting for – the finals of Puteri Indonesia 2019. My first activity of the day was a meeting with the 39 young women who would be representing their provinces on the big stage that night. Remembering how excited but tired we all were before the Miss Supranational final, I tried to give them positive encouragement to give them that extra push to go and own every moment on stage.

We then went to final venue for rehearsals where we got to see the spectacular stage and I the excitement levels were super high. After that, it was time for a quick lunch before it was time to get ready for the big night. I had an amazing glam squad and I made the decision to give them full control of my look for the night – hair, makeup, everything. It was my way of showing respect to the people who worked so hard for me. (Thank you to all of you for treating me so well!!!)

When we got in the car to leave for the venue, I had to take a moment to remind myself to soak in every moment. These moments go by so fast. There were so many supportive fans waiting and it was just great. First I was interviewed by Karina (Miss Supranational Indonesia 2017) along with Mariem. Then we visited all the sponsors’ booths. They have really amazing beauty products and we received so many gifts, which I have already started using.

We were then whisked backstage for a hair and makeup update and Mrs. Anne came to make sure that my kebaya fit perfectly. I was just so, so happy to put it on – I loved it even more than the day before. It was everything I dreamed of and more.

It was time for the show to start and before I knew it, it was my time to walk on stage. What was extra special was that I got to share the moment with Wilda. Supra sisters, supra power at its best. I loved being given the opportunity to say a few words to the crowd and all the viewers at home. The show was spectacular and we knew it Wilda and her two fellow queens had to hand over their titles. All 39 ladies were wonderful and three very deserving young women were crowned. Congratulations, ladies! My very best wishes to you.

After the show, we got the opportunity to stay behind for about an hour to get to know some of the fans. It was so cool to interact with them, answers their questions and pose for photos. Back at the hotel, there was another Supra reunion. Our Misters from Indonesia (Gandhi), Thailand (Keven), Myanmar (Ellis) and Mathias (Norway) were there and we got to talk for a bit.

Women’s Day 2019 exceeded all my expectations! All I can say is this was a magical day and night I will never forget!