Final word from Stephania Stegman!

Tonight the 8th Miss Supranational 2016 will be crowned by our wonderful and beautiful current titleholder Stephania Stegman of Paraguay! Stephania we are thankful for your amazing whole year! All Nowa Scena’s & WBA’s team want to say: “Thank You”

Here’s Stephania’s final word to the world!

“When I heard the name “PARAGUAY” as the winner of Miss Supranational 2015, I thought I was having one of those sweet dreams that we never want to end. I competed with 81 other beautiful women from all around the globe, and the judges gave me the honor of being called Miss Supranational for one year.

Some people may not know it, but not long ago my father passed away, and exactly one year after he died, my brother lost his life in a car crash. In moments of challenges and darkness, I pray for them and ask for their help, and somehow, when I overcame many obstacles and became Miss Supranational, I knew they were right there by my side. I blew a kiss to heaven, addressed to my beloved father and brother.

During this one year, I traveled to nearly 10 different countries, including India, Myanmar, France, Poland, USA, Colombia, Bolivia, and was always welcomed with love, respect and friendship. Being an ambassador of beauty, good will and fashion to the world, brought much joy to my heart. I made sure that in every country I visited, I left some of the culture of my beautiful Paraguay.

New challenges lie ahead. I am now a presenter at Fashion TV Paraguay, another dream that came true for me.

Thank you Gerhard, Marina, Dawid, Ed, and all others at Nowa Scena for being by my side during this unforgettable year. I also want to thank my family, friends and supporters. You were all essential in every step I took.

I wish Miss Supranational 2016 a magnificent year, and I also take this opportunity to welcome Mister Supranational to our family. I wish him and the new contest much success!

I will always treasure these memories and this very special year. Muchas gracias!

Forever your Miss Supranational 2015, Stephania Stegman”

photos: Igor Drozdowski