With two months left until she passes on her title to the next Miss Supranational, our reigning queen Jenny Kim has been reflecting on her reign. Jenny has traveled to many countries during her reign and met many people. In every country, she has impressed the fans she interacted with as they could sense her warmth and sincerity. Recently, Jenny wanted to answer some questions from our followers on facebook and Instagram.

Our first question is from Shubham Rai from India. Why are beauty pageants still important in today’s world and how do they help us?

Jenny Kim: Beauty pageants are still relevant because they can provide young people with hopes and dreams. I see so many young girls who do not have dreams because they have never thought about it or beyond their reach. However, dreams do come true. When I was young, I dreamed about being a beauty queen. I never believed that I was the type of girl that would win a big title. It never stopped me from watching all the pageants on Youtube and television. As I watched more of these competition, I realized that each and every woman on stage had their own unique beauty and that is why I decided to compete. I believe that pageants are not just contests that show off your physical beauty but it’s a platform where one can really encourage the hopes and dreams of others and that is what the world needs most right now.

Elizabeth from Australia asked: “What is the quality a person (say a woman) must have to be successful?

Jenny Kim: Many people would say it is confidence but I have a different opinion. I think the most important quality you should have is to know who you are. We live in a world where we have to meet other people’s expectations rather than our own. In other words, we are expected to do what others want rather than what we believe in. I don’t believe it’s the right path towards a happy or successful life. In order to be successful, you have to enjoy and be happy with what you do. When you know yourself, you won’t have any fear and no obstacle will seem too big as you will know immediately what is right or wrong for you. Being successful is not all about earning a lot of money or living in a big house or having a good job – it’s really about what makes you happy and fearless.

Neeti K from India asked Jenny what the greatest obstacle in her life has been and how she overcame it.

Jenny Kim: One of the biggest obstacles of my life was moving back to Korea after living in Indonesia for 18 years. I was born in Korea but raised in Indonesia and I went to an international school. After living abroad for such a long time, moving back to Korea to do my undergraduate degree because I was never part of the Korean education system. I was a little bit apprehensive about how I would in in a totally different environment and society. Once I got there, I was surprised by how quickly I adapted and it was really easy for me to make new friends, too. Being fortunate enough to attend an international school helped me to experience many different cultures and beliefs. It has shaped me as a person and I embrace my internationalism as a part of my identity. It was not until the day I moved back to Korea that I realized that my multi-cultural identity was the biggest strength I have.

The fourth question was asked by “musuka_an” and she wanted to know how Jenny remains so confident and who her inspiration is.


Jenny Kim: During the competition, I was confident because I know I had prepared well and that the time I had spent on my training would show during the whole journey. However, the essence or core of my confidence came from being proud to represent my home country, Korea, and my second home, Indonesia. Their support and love gave me confidence and energy throughout the journey. I am so grateful to all the fans who supported me and continue to do so. My inspiration is my mother who has followed and supported me in everything I want to do. Being a beauty queen’s manager or momager (hahaha) is not an easy job but my mother has always been my superwoman. She loved, supported and believed in me since the day I was born. If it wasn’t for her, I would not have come this far. My mother has shown me how a woman can be powerful as an individual and how the power of love can really change a person’s life.

Finally, “What do you think are the values that Miss Supranational contestants must have to win the title?” is a question posed by ‘mrnalawininstagram’.


Jenny Kim: Every contestant who competes for the title has the same goal, which is winning the crown. I believe that each of them has a shot at winning title, however it is often left to destiny to decide who will take it back home. The most important value is authenticity. By being yourself, you naturally shine a light on who you are. With a real personality, a real heart and a genuine smile, there will be a better chance at success. Physical beauty does not last long but inner beauty can last forever. There are no correct answers to questions, so don’t worry too much about it. Enjoy every single moment of the journey because it passes way too fast.

Jenny would like to thank everyone for their questions and she will answer five more questions soon. Keep watching this space if your question has not been answered yet.