Message from the President of Miss Supranational about the Miss Supranational App

The President of the Miss Supranational Organization, Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski, announced today that all profits from the Miss Supranational App will be used for supporting charitable causes.

“Last year, we were very excited to launch our first ever app. We were very happy with the result and is proud of how well it worked in its first year. The Miss Supranational Organization has always wanted to do more to support charitable causes. However, we have always been concerned about handling charity money as transparency is often lacked when this is done. Therefore, we wanted to be sure that we do it in the right way. We recently learned that our organization’s profit from the APP, after deductions, was Euro 5 673, 91 (Five Thousand Six Hundred and Seventy Three Euro and Ninety Once Cents). We will use USD$6 300 (rounded from $6 291,66 – March 2) during the reign of Miss Supranational, Anntonia Porsild, to support causes we feel are worthy. It’s only a start but we are very excited about being able to give back with small acts of kindness. We plan on releasing a statement with how the money was spent to ensure 100% transparency.”