Miss Paraguay Flies High

Ask any of her fellow contestants about Ana Paula Cespedes, Miss Supranational Paraguay 2019, and you will hear that she is one of the sweetest, kindest people that they have ever met. Ana impressed everyone last year with her beauty but also her incredible personality. Throughout the event, the 21 year old pilot was happy and spent her time encouraging her Supra sisters and forming meaningful friendships.

Now the young beauty has captured the attention of the world when she was discovered on Instagram. The newspapers from as far as England, Russia, Lithuania, Croatia, Turkey, Vietnam and Brazil that featured her has named her “the world’s hottest pilot”. Ana’s Instagram followers has grown by almost 50,000 and she is getting a huge audience following her journey. Humble as ever, Ana commented, “I try to show the best of every flight in my pictures, my everyday adventures and a little bit of living a life I really appreciate. What I love most about my job is that I get to see so many places, so many faces, so many dreams going with me and that is something that really fills my heart with joy.”

Reflecting on the last few months, Ana said the following: “It has been so amazing. I learned so much about life and myself, which has helped me to be confident no matter what. The most important thing I learned is to always be yourself. Being recognized and stopped for photos and even autographs is so surreal but an amazing and unforgettable experience.”

Keep flying high, Ana! We are proud of you!