Miss Supranational Ireland 2019

Jessica VanGaalen is Miss Supranational Ireland 2019. She is 1.75m tall, 28 years old and works in California as a Model, Photographer, Entrepreneur and aspiring actress. She is also a manager in the hospitality industry and coaches pageant girls. Jessica already has a bachelor in Film, minor in Theatre, and a Certificate in Entertainment Technology; however, she loves to learn and is currently in school again obtaining her real estate license. In her free time, she loves to travel, explore the outdoors, go to the cinema, try new foods, craft and spend time with her two dogs (WiFi and Scrappy).

Jessica has traveled to 19 countries and lived in two. Her biggest aspiration is to see the world with her own eyes and to influence others to travel. She strongly believes that if everyone immersed themselves in other cultures, we would have love and appreciation for each other’s differences, not segregation or hate.
Although Jessica was born in the United States (Arizona), she is actually an Irish American with strong ties to Ireland. Growing up, she didn’t know a lot about her lineage apart from the fact that she’s Irish (mom’s maiden name is Carr). The first country she traveled to was Ireland and she plans on relocating there in the near future. Jessica’s family is most recently from Mayo, Kerry and Dublin, but she also has roots in Donegal, Galway, Cork and a few other counties. Being Irish has always a big part of her identity and she is so blessed to be representing Ireland in this year’s edition of Miss Supranational.