Miss Supranational Ireland Spreads Christmas Cheer

Miss Supranational Ireland, Jessica Hopper, had a very important mission for the Festive Season. Her time was dedicated to her non-profit, which aims to facilitate safe homes for children. She explained this to us in a recent message, “This year I chose to do my Christmas shoot with children. Rather than wearing a stunning gown, I wanted our world to remember the importance of a child’s smile.”

“Christmas can be a difficult time for many children and their families. 80% of all types of abuse take place within their family unit. And statistically, Christmas is known to bring painful events or memories back for children and adults who are child abuse survivors. Never take for granted the innocence and gift of a child’s smile. Remember to offer a kind word or your personal time with those who may not have the same privilege. Together, we can help create SAFE home for children all around the world, and help make Christmas a wonderful time of the year for ALL,” she continued.

We are so proud of the work you are doing, Jessica! It shows the true spirit of Christmas!