Miss Supranational Team Arrives in Northeastern Zambezi Region

The Miss Supranational team has arrived at the Nambwa Tented Lodge to visit the Sijwa Project where Miss Supranational 2021, Chanique Rabe’s Junior Sewing School is.
The team arrived in the Zambezi Region of northeast Namibia on Sunday. Chani’s first school was opened in February 2021 at the Sijwa project by African Monarch Lodges.
“We chose Chani not because of her beauty title but because of the authentic person she is. Her heart for people shines through and the skill set that she is transferring to the young people can make a real difference in our Mayuni Conservancy with whom we have a joint venture partnership. It will offer our youth aspirational goals, which we are extremely excited about” explained Tinolla Rodgers, co-owner of African Monarch Lodges.
Photos: Francois Lottering / Eugene Rhodes