Miss Supranational United States 2019

Regina Gray was recently crowned Miss Supranational United States 2019. 28 year old Regina comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and stands 1.78m tall.  She studied Communication and Mathematics at an all women’s college and currently works in sales as a traveling manager. Regina also owns an interview consulting business with her sister.

Unfortunately, Regina lost her father prematurely to a massive heart attack. Her grandmother also has congestive heart disease and has suffered from, thankfully survived, several strokes. Having two family members directly affected by heart disease and stroke prompted Regina to being volunteering with the American Heart Association (AHA). Outside of hoping to launch a successful career in broadcasting and expanding her consulting business, Regina plans on using the title of Miss Supranational USA to expand her current local volunteer work with the AHA with ultimately having a positive impact on heart disease awareness across the entire United States.

Welcome to the #suprafamily, Regina. See you soon in Poland!