Miss Supranational Visits Hope Village in Windhoek

Yesterday, Chanique Rabe – Miss Supranational 2021 visited the Hope Village Orphanage and Penduka Trust. Hope Village is a place very close to Chani’s heart. It is here where she has been presenting sewing classes as one of the elements of her ‘From the Ground Up’ project. The girls presented their work to the team. “I am so proud of each and every one of you. You created your own designs and you showed your creativity. I am so suprised by the quality of your work,” Chani told the girls.
The Penduka Trust helps to empower women and their communities to improve their own lives. Penduka means Wake Up and empowers through employment and education. They focus on sustainability and uses things like magazines, bottles and even bicyle tyres to create art and jewelry.
Thank you Miss Supranational Namibia for this incredible opportunity.
Photos: Francois Lottering