Thailand feels like home!

On Monday, it was a day booked to visit some of our sponsors. The first stop was a beauty treatment center called ‘Soul Beauty’. I got to meet the staff there and they invited me to enjoy some beauty treatments whenever I am in Thailand. Can’t wait to try my first one tomorrow. After that, we visited the crown sponsor of Miss Supranational Thailand. Here I got to meet the owner and she gave me the most beautiful jewelry set. The last visit of the day was some fittings with my designer here, Lachachanon from Last Cost. He took me to his mentors studio where I got to try on so many different styles of garments made from exquisite Thai silk, the best in Bangkok. I felt like royalty.

Tuesday was an absolute highlight for me! In the morning, Andre and I got up super early to visit the Grand Palace. It’s something every tourist must do in Thailand. The palace was built in 1782 and was home to the King of Thailand for 150 years. It’s now the spiritual heart of the Kingdom. I was absolutely amazed by how beautiful it is. The colors, the designs, the intricate details everywhere. It was truly unforgettable.

Afterwards, we were invited by the Gingerbread House for high tea. Here I tried my first Thai dessert, which was made of water chestnuts and coconut ice cream. It is totally different from our desserts back home and I loved tasting it. Being in 106 year old house, one of the only left in Bangkok, was really special too.

That evening I had a special treat with a new friend, Ms. Kittima Trakulchoesatiean from the Beauty Legend Organization, who invited me to a special dinner at the Shangri La Hotel. The hotel sent one of their limos to pick me up and I was welcomed by the entire management team of the hotel. We were treated to a special menu at the hotel’s famous restaurant, Salathip. I had the best table in the house right on the River of Kings and it was a great night with our President, Mister Gerhard, Andre and Kitty. We tasted the most authentic Thai dishes with a modern twist and what made the night extra special was the opportunity to share many stories and a lot of laughter.

One of the best things I have discovered about Thailand is that it really feels like home. Perhaps it’s because the climate is similar but even greater than that is the similarity between our cultures. Our traditions and beliefs might be different, but deep down we love to be happy and work hard, while having a great time doing it. I have made so many friends here and I am so grateful for this experience. I love Thailand!