Valeria’s Final Message as Miss Supranational 2018

Personal growth. These are the words that come to my mind when I think about my year as Miss Supranational. It’s crazy to think how I started off this journey with no previous experiences as a Miss and ended up overcoming all the obstacles along the way to end up as the title holder of the 10th Miss Supranational. I always knew I could do it because I had the knowledge and prepared for it, but most importantly because I believed in myself.

This whole year has been full of new experiences, new places and new people that I wouldn’t have met without the Miss Supranational Organization. I want to thank my boss Gerhard for being an amazing boss and for being so attentive throughout the whole year and making sure I was always well. It has been a pleasure to work with you and be your brand ambassador for this whole year and, of course, for the years to come. I also want to thank Andre for being the best manager I could have ever wished for. Thanks for all the laughs, for all the attention, for all the talks and for literally being almost like my shadow in every trip we had together, making sure I was always taken care of. Overall I cant thank both of you enough for trusting me in this wonderful opportunity of a job and for welcoming me into this family, the Supra Family.

Talking about family, I want to finish thanking the most important people in the world for me: my mom, dad and my brother. Without them, this would not have been possible because they are my support system and as soon as I mentioned this adventure they went along with it without even fully knowing what I was getting them into. Thank you for having me, for caring for me and raising me to be the way I am today.

Valeria Vazquez Latorre

Miss Supranational 2018