India’s Aditi Features in New Music Video

The reigning Miss Supranational India, Aditi Hundia, has starred in her very first music video. Pehla Wargi is a song by recording artist Suryaveer and our own Aditi plays the leading role in this video. Released just in time for Valentine’s Day, the song is a beautiful love ballad that tells a beautiful story of true love overcoming all obstacles.

“I was spotted during  my time in Miss Diva Competition by Event Management, the company that made this video, and they decided to put me in their next project. Once I won Miss India Supranational, they contacted me and offered me this opportunity,” an excited Aditi told us earlier this week.

“As it was my first time acting, it was a bit challenging, but it was absolutely thrilling and I had the very best time making this video with Suryaveer,” she continued.  Suryaveer is a famous youtuber and singer in India. The video was shot over two days in Goa.

Talking about what’s next for her, Aditi says, “I am so thankful for everything that has been coming my way thanks to winning the Miss Supranational India title and I really miss my Supra Family. At the moment, I am based in Mumbai and I will be trying my luck for Bollywood. So I will work hard and doing workshops to hone my acting skills. Other than that, I am doing a lot of modeling work and attending many events. The Miss Supranational India title has really changed my life for the better.”

Keep shining, Aditi! Your Supra Family is proud of you!