Interview with Valeria Vazquez Latorre – Miss Supranational 2018

Andre Sleigh: Tell us how it feels to be the tenth Miss Supranational.

Valeria Vazquez Latorre: Being the 10th Miss Supranational is one of the most amazing accomplishments of my life. It’s something that I never thought would happen though I really wanted it to happen. I can assure you it’s something I will cherish for life. As it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, I am ready to take as much from it as I can.

Andre Sleigh: Did you expect to be crowned?

Valeria Vazquez Latorre: I did not expect it to happen but obviously I hoped for it and worked hard to be prepared, so here I am now.

Andre Sleigh: What has the reaction been like from Puerto Rico?

Valeria Vazquez Latorre: The reaction has been so positive. Everyone is extremely excited and want me to get there already to celebrate with me.

Andre Sleigh: Can you share with us what you would like to achieve during this year?

Valeria Vazquez Latorre: During this year, I would like to do as much as possible. I am open to every opportunity and would like to go to every country that invites me. To fulfill my duties, I will put my studies on hold for a year. I hope to travel the world and meet all the Supra fans who have supported us during the last ten editions.

Andre Sleigh: What message would you like to share with the people who supported during your Supra journey?

Valeria Vazquez Latorre: To the people that supported me during the journey, I would like to say thank you very much. Thank you for your love and support. It’s always so good to read all the nice comments, especially when you are so far away from home. I will never be able to repay your for your support, not even by winning. I just want to say that we all worked so hard and the support is so important and means so much to every girl and guy who competes in a big event. For now, I can only send my sincere thanks and love to all of you.