Miss Supranational 2019: Contestants share their love for Poland

More than 70 delegates are currently in Poland to represent their countries at Miss Supranational 2019. We got a chance to talk to some of the delegates and ask what they feel about being in Poland. Here’s what some of them shared.

Miss Supranational Iceland

Hugrun Birta Egilsdottir (Miss Supranational Iceland): The journey has been great so far. I got to experience a little bit of Polish culture. The people here are so nice. I am loving it.

Miss Supranational Nepal

Rose Lama (Miss Supranational Nepal): Poland is great, the weather here is so nice, a little chilly than the Asian countries but it’s very nice here.

Miss Supranational Ukraine

Olena Liashuk (Miss Supranational Ukraine): This is my first experience here in Poland and I feel so comfortable because we are neighbors also.

Miss Supranational Paraguay

Katherine Masi (Miss Supranational Paraguay): I’m excited to learn about the culture, the food, the people. I’m also very happy because I got a chance to meet some amazing girls, and learn about their culture.

Miss Supranational Portugal

Carolina Liquito (Miss Supranational Portugal): I love love love Poland. It’s so beautiful, the weather is chilly but it’s perfect for me. The food is great, the people are polite. I don’t think I could have been happier.

Miss Supranational India

Shefali Sood (Miss Supranational India): It’s so nice here, I didn’t expect people to be so lovely, and welcoming and also the weather to be so warm, I don’t do very well in the cold but it’s quite pleasant out here.

In just few days, looks like Supranational contestants have already made Poland their home. Watch out for this space for more news and updates about the competion.

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