Miss Supranational 2021 Mountain Cable Car Ride in Jaworzyna

Miss Supranational 2021 candidates visited the famous Stacja Narciarska in Jaworzyna Krynicka to witness the clear views of every side of the Tantra mountains. The girls thoroughly enjoyed a thrilling 10-minute cable-car ride to the top which ventured through thick forests.

Miss Kenya Phidelia Mutunga would highly recommend Jaworzyna Krynicka to anyone visiting Poland. “From the moment I left the cable car station, I was enthralled by the natural beauty of this incredible country. I must admit at first I was a bit nervous but I soon got over it and just focused on the magnificent scenery unfolding infront of me and when we got to the top looking back down the mountains, it was a breathtaking moment for me.”

Miss Ghana Verónica Sarfo Adu Nt proved that being scared of heights wouldn’t be a reason to not repeat the scary yet fun moment for her. “It was a crazy fun experience, as dramatic as I am I ended up screaming once we started moving, I was totally perplexed.”