Miss Supranational candidates day-trip in Małopolska

The Miss Supranational candidates hopped on a bus and were taken to Małopolska to do something adventurous. During the trip, the girls experienced a completely different side of Poland. They went paddle boating and were also introduced to the cultural aspect of the host country. They gamely learned traditional dances with the help of the locals.

“My experience exploring Małopolska really opened my eyes not only to the natural beauty of Poland, but also the warmth of its people and culture. I also had so much fun on the water, and it was special to have such a unique opportunity to bond with my Supra sisters,” Miss Canada, Sasha Lombardi said.

“It was filled with so much adventure! My favorite part was filming on the mountain. Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe the beauty we witnessed the sunset and hot-air balloon. The energy surrounding the whole experience and nature were beyond compare,” Miss Ireland, Jessica Hopper exclaims.