Miss Supranational US Virgin Islands 2019

Destani Noel Huffman Jefferson is Miss Supranational United States Virgin Islands 2019. She is 24 years old and stands 1.75m tall. Destani is currently working towards her Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) degree at Florida International University. She is also in the process of writing a memoir, which she hopes to publish in 2020. Destani is a freelance makeup artist and published model who enjoys traveling, hiking, working out, and spending time at the beach.

She is involved in numerous charitable organizations including a non-profit called “Passion over Profit” working to assist homeless war veterans.  One of her most important missions is advocating against drunk driving after losing her father in a drunk driving accident the night after Christmas through her 501c3 non profit, Daughters Against Drunk Driving.

Welcome to the #Suprafamily, Destani. See you in Poland!