Miss Supranational Canada 2019

Gloren Guelos is Miss Supranational Canada 2019. She is 24 years old and stands 1.68m tall. With many passions on her heart, she describes herself as a “multipotentialite”. Gloren is a licensed practical nurse and continues her education to obtain a registered nursing degree. She also teaches dance, mentors young girls, and is a college instructor for health care assistants. Gloren feels that giving up her full time job to pursue her dreams is one of the best decisions she has made for herself.

Gloren enjoys modelling, learning about new hairstyles, reading self-help books, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, cooking her meal “preps,” going for outdoor runs and dancing. Her childhood inspires her daily to empower others in any way she can. She was raised in a fish-farming community, where she was one of a few children to complete a post secondary education. Therefore, Gloren’s biggest ambition in life is to build a school and provide free education for basic reading, and writing to low socioeconomic communities. To act upon this dream, she started an annual “gift giving” project for children in need of educational supplies since 2016. She hopes to expand this project not only in rural areas of her birthplace in the Philippines, but as well as other countries. As Gloren prepares for Miss Supranational 2019, she hopes to continue to set as an example, that anything is possible!
Welcome to the #Suprafamily, Gloren. See you in Poland!