My Magical Trip to India (Part 2)

The day before the final we had a sightseeing trip in Mumbai with Riecha from the Miss Diva Organization and Prathamesh. It was a really great day. I kept staring out of the window of the car because I was so fascinated by all the contrasts I saw. Another thing that I will remember about Mumbai is that it is a super busy and crowded city but in contrast the people all seem so calm and peaceful.

Riecha took us to the Gateway of India and other sights, which were super interesting. Then they took us to try some Indian delicacies, like pani puri. We ate so much but all the different dishes were so great with the most interesting flavors.

That evening two lovely ladies came to surprise me at the hotel with a gift. Their parents drove for an hour to bring them to meet me and I was truly humbled and honored to meet them. Thank you Veronica and Jacqueline!

Saturday was the big day for the 20 finalists and I was super excited about the final show. At rehearsals in the morning, I had the opportunity to catch with the amazing Shefali who competed with me last year. It was so nice to talk to her again and hear what she’s been doing.

Then it was time to get ready for the final and I could not wait to put on the beautiful pink lehenga. When we arrived, there was a red carpet and it was really a magical moment for me. I felt really special in my outfit and it was a very memorable experience.

I have to say that the show was INCREDIBLE. The contestants were smart and beautiful, the entertainment was fantastic and all my fellow judges were super nice. I did not want the evening to end but after a few hours we had the winners. Congratulations to Adline and Aavriti and I wish you both a very successful reign and much good luck at your international competitions. The celebration event after was also so much fun.

We had the pleasure of having breakfast with Aavriti the next morning before I had to head off to the airport. I left India feeling a bit sad because it was such a wonderful trip… but I was also so happy because I had the opportunity to be there and make many new friends.

A huge thank you also to the Miss Diva Organization and the Times Group for this magical experience. Also, special thanks to Ela Piorun and Sugarfree for the outfits they sent from Poland.

Next up is Indonesia and I can’t wait to go there…