Puerto Rican Media Celebrates Their New Miss Supranational

Becoming the first Miss Supranational from Caribbean is not only an honor for our new queen, Valeria Vazquez Latorre, but also the place she calls home, Puerto Rico. Shortly after her arrival in San Juan, Valeria was given the honor of being invited by some of Puerto Rico’s major media outlets to celebrate the US island territory’s latest beauty pageant title. When asked about the experience, Valeria had the following to say:

“I am filled with gratitude and wanted to thank the Puerto Rican media for taking such great interest in me. What I loved the most about all of the experiences was that people kept telling me the same thing: they loved how authentic and transparent I was. To me, that is very important because of the message I like to send about being completely yourself all the time”.

El Vocero:

“El Vocero is one of our local newspapers and they did an article and a Facebook live with me (the very same day I arrived home). They were extremely excited to have me there because the reporter said that our live was the first time she got so many questions posted and they were impressed to see people from other countries getting into the live to say hi to me”.

Metro newspaper:

“It was an amazing experience because it was a video interview and a newspaper article about me and trying to get to know more about me.  The questions made were not only about the pageant experience but also had the theme of ‘Who is Valeria?”.

Television Shows:

“One of the days, I did both live television programs: Dia a Dia (on Telemundo) and Ahora Es (on Univision). For me, this was super exciting because people would get to actually see me on TV and on 2 major television networks that can also be seen outside of Puerto Rico (in the United States). The first one we did that day was Dia a Dia and the interview began after a commercial break with the video of my coronation. When i saw it and realised how many people would actually be seeing it,  I started to cry because I was super excited and proud. That’s why at the beginning of the interview video,  I am close to tears (laughs), but I was trying to pull myself together.  Overall the experience was unforgettable and my team and I were impressed we got so much air time for an interview (8minutes). For the second television show, Ahora Es, the presenter was happy to see me because she had already interviewed me earlier that week on a radio show but she told me she was even happier because now people would get to see me too. How lucky am I?!”

Radio Shows:

“On radio, I did 2 shows: Nacion Z and El Brunch.  This experience was a new one for me because I had never been into a radio studio and getting to see how it all happens was a very nice learning experience. Who knows, maybe I might even have my own show one day?”