My Trip to the Netherlands – Making New Friends is the Best Part of the Job!

I had a quick but memorable trip to Amsterdam in the Netherlands recently. Though it was only just over 48 hours, so many memories were made. When we arrived, we were received by the national directors of the Netherlands, Stefan and Robin. We hit it off immediately and it was the start of lots of jokes and laughter, something that is characteristic about the Supra family. Immediately after we arrived, we drove to the outskirts of Amsterdam for a meal and it was my first chance to see the Dutch countryside. Here I also got to meet Stefan and Robin’s first Miss Supranational Netherlands, Leila Aigbedion, who represented her country at Miss Supranational 2013. She interviewed me for her website and it was fun to sit down with her and discuss our experiences. I felt completely at easy with her. Not only is she gorgeous but also incredibly nice.

The following day was the crowning ceremony of this year’s Miss and Mister Supranational Netherlands. That meant I got to meet more Supra family members. We were joined by Rico, Ferdi and Ennio – the Netherlands’ first three representatives at Mister Supranational. And best of all, I got to see my Supra sister, Kelly van den Dungen again. I was so happy to see Kelly again – something that people might not know is that Kelly was my roommate at our second hotel in Poland. I had the honor of having two amazing roommates (Paraguay’s Ana was the other one) who I got along with so well. They both made my Supra experience even more special.

There was time for a quick photoshoot and I got to wear incredible jewelry pieces from the crown sponsor of the Netherlands, BaroQco, which was an honor as their to wear their pieces, which have appeared on runways during Paris Fashion Week. It was then time for the ceremony and I got to welcome Nathalie and Mitch to our Supra family. Both of them were super excited about the opportunity to represent their country at our competitions and it was nice to be part of their special day. Nathalie’s parents were so proud and happy that they invited us to their Greek restaurant for dinner and it was a night of fun and laughter in the heart of Amsterdam.

We got up early the next morning for a canal tour of Amsterdam with Robin and Stefan. It was so much fun to get to get a quick taste of this city (filled with laughter thanks to our hilarious hosts) and we also walked around and learned as much about the history of the city as possible. Naturally, I had to try the famous “stroopwafels” and I loved them. Then it was time to leave for our next adventure. Though it was a quick trip, it was so much fun and I realized again what a great adventure it is to be part of this amazing Supra family.