Miss Supranational Indonesia 2019

Jesica Fitriana Martasari (24) from West Java was crowned Miss Supranational Indonesia 2019 on March 8th in Jakarta. She stands 1.7m tall and holds a bachelors degree in management. The young entrepreneur has started her own business in the furniture industry. She has been working with children affected by the HIV/Aids virus since 2018 and hopes to establish her own foundation to help young people in need. Jesica will focus all her attention and energy on representing Indonesia to the best of her ability at Miss Supranational 2019. After that, she hopes to expand her business as she wants to hire more employees to help her country reduce unemployment.

She was once bullied very badly and was repeatedly mocked for being ‘fat’. Though it was a painful experience, she used it as positive driving force to empower herself. She lives by the slogan ‘Beautiful then, beautiful now’ as she believes it is the person inside that matters, the same person then and now. For Jesica, physical appearance should never describe who we are as people. “I am not afraid and ashamed to share my experience because it is a story of determination. I want everyone who is feeling down because of bullying to be lifted up by my story, learn to love themselves, understand that everything can be transformed with hard work, and be who they are. Because I believe that when people love and accept themselves, that is positivity and that is beautiful,” she explained.